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WITHERED haben die Arbeiten an ihrem neuen Album eingestellt. "Folie Circulaire" wird am 24. Juni über Prosthetic Records erscheinen. Lest das Statement der Band:

"Our new record is officially completed and we're very satisfied," the band says. "Thanks to everyone involved, some very cool things have fallen into place for this release. Most of you are already aware of Barney Greenway's (Napalm Death) guest vocal appearance on "...The Fated Breath" and "Clamor Beneath." As always, his vocals are amazing and can't wait for everyone to hear them.

"Also, the last song on the album is a cover song called 'Into Armageddon' by Necrophobic. If you're not already a fan of them, you need to be. They're in our top friends and some of the best black metal to ever come out of Sweden so check them out. Big thanks to them for being very cool about us recording their song and for writing it in the first place."

"The recording process was grueling but worth every 12-16 hour day. Phillip Cope (Kylesa, Baroness, Black Tusk) and the guys at The Jam Room (in Columbia, S.C.) did a great job of keeping us focused and capturing our sound. It really shows on the record. Scott Hull (Visceral Sound, Pig Destroyer) also did a great job with the mastering and sequencing. It's relentless and we couldn't be happier. The artwork is also completed. The 'Folie Circulaire' cover art can be seen here. Paul Romano really delivered for us. It will feature a 12-page booklet and is full of fantastic imagery. It is all very symbolic of the lyrical content and overall feel of the record. We'll post more images as the release date approaches. Big thanks to Paul for being a great friend and supporter."

"Okay, here are the facts: Number of tracks - 10 (eight songs, two interludes). Length - around 46 minutes."

"Folie Circulaire" tracklisting:

01. To Embrace...
02. ...The Fated Breath
03. Dichotomy Of Exile
04. Gnosis Unveils...
05. ...The Forsaken Truth
06. Purification Of Ignorance
07. Drawn Black Drapes...
08. ...Reveal The Essence Of Suffering
09. Clamor Beneath
10. Into Armageddon